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Ligurian-Style Whole Grain Focaccia

This focaccia is made in the dimpled, Ligurian “schiacciata” tradition. It can be topped with anything, including cheese, olives, and dabs of pesto. The dough is bathed with salt water and oil, sealing in the moisture and creating a salty, crunch crust. I have used instant yeast here because it is increasingly more prevalent in stores, and because it shortens the preparation time with the same results as active dry yeast.

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Chef Jonah Rhodehamel’s Toasted Wheat Pasta

The predominant explanation for toasted pasta from Puglia, is that after the wheat fields are harvested and burned to remove the chaff and weeds, gleaners would come and pick through the ashes for the remaining charred kernels of wheat, which they would then mill and make into pasta. Chef Jonah Rhodehamel of Oliveto in Oakland found a reference on the internet for burnt Puglian pasta, and started to experiment….

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Craig Ponsford Makes Ciabatta

Master Baker Craig Ponsford walks us through the steps of making ciabatta dough with Community Grains whole grain flour.

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