Community Grains featured in The New York Times


SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Pam Ross showed up at Ponsford’s Place Bakery & Innovation Center at 5 p.m. sharp, just minutes after the owner, Craig Ponsford, put out the sidewalk “bread man” sculpture that alerts customers: Pizza night is on.

“It’s just healthy,” Ms. Ross said of the thin-crust pizzas, made with whole-milled, locally grown, whole-wheat flour. “There’s nothing white about it, nothing processed. I don’t eat pastries, but I’ll eat these.”

Ponsford’s Place is part of a new movement in whole grains. Led by groups like the Oakland-based organization Community Grains, the grains are grown locally, and consist of varieties unlike most of the flour available today. The California-grown grains are milled without ever separating the germ, the embryo of a grain kernel, and the bran, the protective outer layer. [continue reading]

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