Introducing Limited Edition IP Wheat Pasta


Community Grains Launches Identity Preserved Wheat
Groundbreaking Food Company Provides Unprecedented Transparency

OAKLAND, Calif. (November 30, 2012) — Community Grains, a progressive whole grain food company whose products are 100 percent grown and milled in California, has announced the launch of Identity Preserved Wheat, a milestone for the company, for smaller-scale California grain growers, and for consumers concerned about the integrity of the food products they consume. “Identity Preserved” (IP) is the term used for maintaining a product’s specific traits or characteristics from the point of production to its end use.

The 100 percent organic line of Identity Preserved wheat takes the company’s commitment to transparency to the next level by providing detailed information on the label about the breed or hybrid of wheat and variety used, where it was grown, when it was harvested, when and where the wheat was milled, and the type of milling wheel used. Community Grains is committed to providing all the information needed to fully understand flour production, and to share the information they acquire in their ongoing effort to track new research and connect leaders in the milling, growing, cooking, nutrition, breeding, scientific fields.

“Our mission came into clearer focus when we began to understand how little information was available about contemporary milling practices,” said Bob Klein, founder of Community Grains. “We saw a critical need, and an opportunity to provide consumers with complete information. Our goal is to create greater awareness, and ultimately a shift away from a commodity-based model to a more localized, smaller-scale infrastructure.”

Full transparency has been one of Community Grains’ primary tenets from the beginning. “We hope that we are setting a new standard here, and can expect to see more attention and honesty given to all food labeling and processing. In the meantime, we continue to keep our customers’ best interests at heart, pushing boundaries with unique packaging and clear, accessible information about all of our products,” said Klein.

Offering total transparency, Community Grains maintains its own “Whole Grain Standard,” defining “whole grain” as the grain in its entirety – 100 percent of the germ, bran, and endosperm found in the grain, according to FDA guidelines (2006). Community Grains has gone beyond those guidelines by ensuring that the flour has been milled without separating those three components at any point in the milling process, nor has anything been added. The flours are not reconstituted.

Community Grains offers flour with superior texture, performance and flavor, challenging common perceptions of whole grain foods. The first product in the Identity Preserved Wheat line is a Fusilli Lunghi, made from Hard Amber Durum wheat, and grown by certified organic Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg, California, a 100-acre farm situated on the banks of the Russian River. Additional pastas made with different varieties of wheat and grown by other small-scale farms will follow. The products will be sold in smaller specialty stores such as Bi-Rite Market and Avedano’s in San Francisco; Mozza2Go and Farm Shop in LA; as well as online.

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2 Responses to Introducing Limited Edition IP Wheat Pasta

  1. i’m looking forward to trying this. this sort of transparency is thrilling. to know what variety my wheat is, how and where it was milled… just incredible. i am so glad to see community grains so wide spread. but ps, you had me at polenta ;)

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