Join the Conversation – Oct. 27th – 18 Reasons

Big picture-wise we’ve been trying to re-imagining the industrial, commodity-based grain economy currently used for most grain production in America. We’ve been trying to imagine how to transform a massive, centralized system that has been in place for decades into an interconnected network of smaller, more localized grain economies.

But the first step in such a lofty plan has been to focus on the development of our own local grain economy here in northern California. So we were delighted when 18 Reasons, an awesome nexus of intelligence, community, innovation, and fun based right here in the Bay Area, asked us to participate in their 18th Hour Dinner Conversations Series. Buy tickets here.

“Regional Food Economy” is a term often mentioned as an important part of fixing our food system. But what exactly does it mean? And what are the necessary steps to creating these types of alternative models? Bob Klein, founder of Community Grains, will be joining the 18 Reasons community to share how he is working to build a local grain economy in northern California that supports farmers, millers, markets, and YOU.  A dinner of whole grain goodness will be served to show you how good local economy can taste. This is your chance to join the conversation and get involved.

We hope to see you there!

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