Whole Grain Flours

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Red Wing–California grown
Whole grain, 13.61% protein, high-strength
Conventionally grown.

Full-bodied, nutty flavor. Can be used as an all-purpose flour. Good for artisan breads, hearth breads, as well as quick breads & pastry. Makes a wonderfully toothsome pasta, and delicious pizza crust.

Hard White Winter Wheat

Blanca Fuerte–California grown
Whole grain, 12% protein
Conventionally grown

Can be used as an all-purpose flour, but without quite the strength of Red Winter wheat. Milder flavor, whole-grain variety. Good in rolls, buns, pan breads, cookies, scones, biscuits, quick breads, pancakes, waffles, crépes. Certain pastas, pizza. Wholesale ONLY.

Hard Amber Durum

Fortissimo–California grown
Whole grain, 10.34% protein
Conventionally grown

Same grain used for ‘Semolina’ flour, but ours includes all of the grain. Works exceptionally well in extruded-pasta dough. Can be added to other flours for its strength, rich flavors, and gold color.
Wholesale ONLY.


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Soft White Winter Wheat

Pastry Flour–California grown
Whole grain, 8.50% protein. Conventionally grown.

Great for more delicate applications such as cakes and cookies.  Wholesale ONLY.