Polenta Recipes


Community Grains’ polenta integrale is made from Floriani Red Flint corn, a rare variety rediscovered in the Italian Alps by food historian William Rubel. It is now grown organically in small crops — ours comes from Woodland, California.

This heirloom corn is whole-milled, meaning the entire kernel is ground together and no parts are sifted out. This gives our polenta its beautiful rustic texture and preserves its nutritional content.

Since this is a dense, flavor-packed corn, it may take longer to cook than the polenta you may be used to. However, its superior flavor, retained nutrients, and striking presentation are well worth the time!

We’ve also had good results (and saved some effort!) by cooking the polenta in a slow cooker, so we’ve included those directions here as well. Toss the polenta in before you go to bed, and wake up to a piping hot breakfast, ready to be drizzled with cream or eaten with sausage.

For more information about the corn that makes Community Grains’ polenta so unique and flavorful, read William Rubel’s article on our Floriani Red Flint in Mother Earth News.

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  1. Bonnie Meritt says:

    I have been trying to get the corn seed and cornmeal since I first read about florinai corn in Mother Earth News a few years ago. So happy to find more information and recipes.I raise a garden and would love some seeds.Please tell me how I can obtain the cornmeas.My mouth is watering just looking at the recipes.