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Recipe Wednesday: Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

This is a very versatile basic whole wheat bread, and you can make anything from sandwich loaves to dinner rolls (above) to hamburger buns with it. Making a great loaf is actually pretty easy – most of the “work” is just letting it rise. . …

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Recipe Wednesday: Marathoner’s Seeded Banana Bread

This moist banana bread is packed full of sweet fruit flavor and nutty whole wheat nutrition – and better yet, no added sugar. It’s a good energy booster after a long run or a hike…

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Recipe Wednesday: Pumpkin Tea Cake

This pumpkin tea cake is everything you would want a pumpkin bread to be – moist, spicy, and full of rich pumpkin flavor. It’s also easy to put together for rainy day afternoon tea:…

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Francis-Olive’s Hard Red Winter Wheat Boule

Old friend, talent chef, baker, blogger, and writer Frances-Olive puts Community Grains flour to the test with this great sourdough hearth bread recipe. She was generous enough to allow us to repost it here, but you should definitely check out…

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Wheat Tasting – A first step towards creating a vocabulary

On January 10, we hosted a wheat tasting at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, CA. Our plan wast to begin establishing some basic vocabulary for how to talk about the flavor components of wheat and flour and well as discern how those components vary between different varieties.
In attendance were some of the most highly-tuned palates we know including:…

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Craig Ponsford Makes Ciabatta

Master Baker Craig Ponsford walks us through the steps of making ciabatta dough with Community Grains whole grain flour.

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