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Community Grains featured in San Francisco Magazine!

We are excited to see such a thorough, engaging, and well-informed article about our local grain movement in the August 2013 issue of San Francisco Magazine. Sara Deseran talks to many of the key players including our friends…..

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A Closer Look at Community Grains

Regina Connell over at Handful of Salt spent some time with Community Grains owner, Bob Klein, and found out a whole lot about flour, milling, grains, the importance of small scale local grain economies, and the self-proclaimed “cogitator” at the center of it all:…

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Wheat Tasting – A first step towards creating a vocabulary

On January 10, we hosted a wheat tasting at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, CA. Our plan wast to begin establishing some basic vocabulary for how to talk about the flavor components of wheat and flour and well as discern how those components vary between different varieties.
In attendance were some of the most highly-tuned palates we know including:…

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The Fully Realized Dream: Identity Preserved Wheat

When we first got involved with locally grown grains over four years ago, one of our long term goals was the pursuit of identity preserved wheat. By this we mean a particular variety grown by a farmer we know and trust, and milled into flour without being blended with other varieties or wheats from other farms. That goal became a reality…

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Ligurian-Style Whole Grain Focaccia

This focaccia is made in the dimpled, Ligurian “schiacciata” tradition. It can be topped with anything, including cheese, olives, and dabs of pesto. The dough is bathed with salt water and oil, sealing in the moisture and creating a salty, crunch crust. I have used instant yeast here because it is increasingly more prevalent in stores, and because it shortens the preparation time with the same results as active dry yeast.

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