Who We Are

Bob Klein has been a broadcast television producer, executive producer, national program consultant, and developer/syndicator.  He’s currently co-owner of Oliveto Restaurant and founder of Community Grains.

Joe Vanderliet has been in all aspects of the milling business for 55 years.  Long dissatisfied with the industry’s preference for refined flours, he opened his own mill, Certified Foods, in 1992 and has been milling whole-grain products exclusively ever since.

Craig Ponsford is founder of Artisan Bakery, winner of the Specialty Breads category of France’s 1996 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (an international, invitational, artisan baking competition held in Parish every three to four years).  He recently opened Ponsford’s Place Bakery & Innovation Center in San Rafael, CA.

Catherine Meng is our Communications Manager. She has a certificate in the Culinary Arts from Boston University, as well as an MFA in poetry from the University of Montana. She has been with Community Grains since its inception and continues to compile, create, and collect content for the website, field phone calls from farmers about where to buy seed, and talk to home bakers about their cornbread recipes.

Casey Carroll is our Project Manager.

Lisa Quaid is our Operations Manager.

Jonah Rhodehamel, Executive Chef of Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, CA has been an amazing resource as we’ve started working towards identity preserved wheats. He’s always game for an experiment & has come up with one of our best tasting products to date: Toasted Durum whole grain pasta. His enthusiasm for local grains can be seen on a daily basis on Oliveto’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Jenny Raven, former Pastry Chef at Oliveto has worked with Community Grains flour since 2009 and has created many delicious recipes that are frequently used in the Oliveto Cafe and the dessert menu.

Dallas Mark has held the business and office functions in place at Oliveto nearly since the beginning, and will be doing the same for Community Grains. She’s also pursuing a doctorate in psychology and is a devoted ballet student.

William Rubel is an author, food historian, and cook specializing in traditional cooking methods. Read about his extensive research and knowledge of our Trentino/Floriani Red Flint in Mother Earth News.

Deirdre Davis gained her pastry certification back in 1996 and has worked at several top restaurants around the Bay Area (including Boulevard, Postrio, Spago, baker for Scharffen Berger and pastry chef for Google) since then.  Her interest in whole grains and healthier baking recently brought her to work with Craig Ponsford in his new bakery helping with the production and product development. She has helped Community Grains develop recipes specifically for use with our unique flours.


Full Belly Farm, Guinda, CA

Chip Morris & Jerry Fry of Mohr-Fry Ranches in Lodi, CA

Ian Johnston

Matt Taylor & Peter Buckley of Front Porch Farms in Healdsburg, CA

Brothers Bruce and Rick Rominger ar fifth-generation Yolo County farmers committed to growing crops in a way that protects the environment as much as possible by mimimizing the use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, and using drip irrigation to conserve water.


Bruce Ames
Russell Jones
David Killilea
Michael Pollan
Mark Shigenaga

And lots of others:
Bob Adams
Miriam Blanchman
Arthur Bloch
Sterling Burnell
Teresa Chin
Nick Charles
Teal Dudziak
Karen Firestein
Sally Fox
Bill Fujimoto
Al Giusto
Maggie Klein
Mary Kimbal
Rick Kirby
Roberta Klugman
Sierra Lash
Todd Lash
Fergus McGrath
Glenn Roberts
Ameryll Schwartner
Luis Sierra
Max Stepanian
Steve Sullivan
Ric Tombari
David Visher
Gail Wadsworth
Nigel Walker
Brian Wood

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